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:: Dunia Fantasi Dufan ::

Holiday is already started!!!! So what is your plan? Ada yang pulang ke Malaysia ada yang pulang ke rumah masing-masing, dan ada yang pulang ke kamar masing-masing or in Malay we called it LEPAK!!! Jadi korang pe cer??? Ni kisah aku mase cuti Natal ni...huhuhu first-first memang suram them suddenly jadi happiness...~miss that moments~huhuhuhuhuhu
Below were some of photos that I snapped during my visit to Dufan

Din and I went to...

Guys do you know what place is this.....Disneyland?...err nope...
WELCOME TO DUFAN ~ World of Fantasy...hohoho. We decided to visit Dufan on 25 December 2008, same day with the Christmas day...because we taught that there will be less people visiting this park on that day.

We started our journey at 8 o'clock by a taxi. It cost about Rp 38 000. The t
icket price on that day is so 'special' because it was a public holiday and we needed to pay EXTRA
-> Rp 120 000/person. OMG! ?
(Update : The new entry price is Rp 150 000/person)

On that morning, it seemed a normal day for other people but for me it was a wonderful day because it was my very first experience to visit Dufan. Glad to say, there were just a few peoples on rides...yuuhuuuu!!...so....the point was, we need not to queue up (antrian), which is super duper long! hahahaha......(maybe it was the most longest queue path that i had ever seen?)

And 1 more best thing about Dufan was...errrr.... guys do you know?
Yess!....again the queue line! ...because.....I think only by this way it allow the Pancasila people to queue up...hohohoho...

Our very first ride, called Niagara-gara...will surely make the riders wet...because...hurm.....later I'll tell you ok? Hehe.... This ride need us to take a long log which normally for 4 persons per ride, unfortunately we were just two persons...but who cares!!

For me, this is most thrill because we needed to hike about 1 meter high (oh guys please do feel the same like us on that moment!) and then went down the "hill" in very extreme speed...uhh...damn it! Before ending the journey there is a water shot that will point rightly to you...and...of course you will get wet..LoL..

Then, our next ride was....

Arung Jeram....LoL..this one also full of adventures!...

This was the prototype for Arung Jeram's gondolas...LoL. Just imagine you inside this gondola and then went through the 'jeram'..awwww.....it must be cool!...Proudly to say, we got wet again but this time was more special because it make us wet the whole body..Perfect!!...

Then we went for.......TORNADO!!!! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa........(Actually we were so happy as this ride help dry up our cloths...LoL)


This ride is prohibited for:
> pregnant women
> children below 5 years old
> people with heart diseases (except broken heart)
> disabled people (exception for blind people =D)

See that guy..he was still smiling even though he knew what will happen later..hehe

Oh my God...hak3....

Actually there were lots of excitements here.....lets us see below..

<- span="span" style="color: #3333ff;">Ferris Wheel

Space War (wahana perang bintang)

wahana kicir-kicir>>>

Me standing next to the roller coaster track (wahana halilintar)

Merry-go-around (wahana ontang-anting) ---->

with black and white person who claimed himself as "santa claus" hak3..

sweet lady ( hey the blue dress one ok!)

one of basket ballers that entertain us with slam dunk actions...Fantastic!!!

with MCs during the roadshow


Ok guys, that's all from me now...hope to see you again...Dadaaa....

Dufan's attraction (fairytales)


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  1. at last..ko pg gak dufan
    tp ak da g dlu .. hehhe

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