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== Punishment Tools Used during the Middle Age ==

Hello and salam everybody! Great to see you again, and today I would like to show you guys something interesting! Have you been punished in your life?? Maybe yes but for answer "no" I think it should be impossible haha! Life without any punishment must be a boredom life man! Agree? Back to our topic, during the middle age, sentences were done by using special tools that have been created to suffer the criminals. let's have a look. Fyi, all photos were originally captured by x'emriust (me) during my visit to an exibition near A' Famosa in Melaka (Malaysia).

Knee Splitter (Pemecah lutut)

Long Screw [Stabbing Tools] (Alat tikam)

Nipple Clipper n Breast ripper


Cat's Paw (kuku kucing)

Chastity Belt (Cawat besi)

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  1. "Nafsu mengatakan wanita cantik atas dasar rupanya,
    Akal mengatakan wanita cantik atas dasar ilmu dan kepandaiannya
    Hati mengatakan wanita cantik atas dasar akhlaknya,
    Dan iman mengatakan wanita cantik atas dasar agamanya"

    untuk maklumat lanjut, boleh la rujuk ke Kecantikan seorang wanita mengikut pandangan seorang lelaki

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