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** My 21st year **

Venue : KLV Tanjung Duren (Malaysian food restaurant)

For the third time in my life, I celebrate my birthday with cake and I really thanked to Hafizah Ainaa, Hidayati, Nuraihan,Tuty for the suprise and also Azam. I really appreciate it friends but recently something was happen between us and for me all pics below were only left as memories....

tuty n raihan

posing with a lovely cake

with hafizah ainaa

with azam

gathering together

And also not to forget, to all 200++ people who wished me "Happy Birthday" on my Facebook wall, from my bottom heart, I would like to say Thank You.

Last but not least....

This is the only picture I owned during my first time birthday celebration.......I do miss this moment! Peace XD

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