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9 most luxurious swimming pool in the world

Have you guys been to the world luxurious swimming pools? Below are the world's most luxurious swimming pool which can amazed us. Starting with the Playboy bunny pond to gigantic shark tanks, here are some of the extraordinary and amazing world class-swimming pool.

1. Luxurious swimming pools san alfonso del mar, Chile

This pool is located in the resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile and recorded in the Guinness World Book as the world's largest pool with the length of 1 km and a depth of 35 meters. The pool is expected to be filled with 66 million gallons of water and we need about 8 acres of plain cover to cover the whole pool. Wow ..!

2. Luxurious swimming pools golden nugget shark tank pool

This swimming pool is located in the midst of the mega-casino in Las Vegas. The management of this hotel spent approximately $20 million to ensure the swimming pool is resemble with the atmosphere of sea. Uniquely, this pool surrounding a giant tank that contains hundreds of sharks. Can you imagine the sharks swim around us!!

3. Luxurious swimming pools palms playboy bunny Las Vegas

Brilliant architecture seen in the swimming pool at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. The swimming pool offers an amazing beauty. Playboy Publishing kingdom embedded in the core of beauty and elegance of taste through the luxurious pool. No Playboy pool can be complete without the famous Playboy Bunny who wore a bowtie!

4. Luxurious swimming pools playboy mansion

One of the most exclusive swimming pool is Hefner's home. The amazing thing with this pool is a cave that is built in this pool. This design is truly unique as we can feel the wild life around the home cave.

5. Luxurious swimming pools begawan giri, Bali

Blend of exotic Indonesian, and luxury tropical conditions present in this pool. People can enjoy the hot sun, sweet and salty sea air as the pool laid on the wooden deck. This luxurious pool is owned by the Begawan Giri Hotel's. While swimming we can enjoy the greeny of tropical forests in Bali, Indonesia that lush emerald green, besides the pearl white beaches of Bali complement the beauty of this pool.

6. Luxurious swimming pools hotel de Rome Berlin

Located in the prestigious Hotel de Rome in Berlin, becoming the world's safest places to swim and relax. This pool is an elegant piece of a swimming pool. It is suitable for the audience of a relaxed atmosphere. Uniquely, the swimming pool and spa are located in a vault.

7. Luxurious swimming pools al Qasr

In the grand boutique Al Qasr hotel, we can enjoy one of the most wonderful things in Dubai. from its name itself Al Qasr means palace in Arabic, and same with the swimming pool. The luxury of this swimming pool is radiated from the sparkling blue gem surrounded by beautiful Arabic architecture that will surely make you feel like a sultan.

8. Luxuriouis swimming pools Hurghada Le Meridien

Le Meridien Hurghada which located in Egypt or more exactly in the resort of Hurghada Le Meridien. Makadi Bay is really amazing and it is the jewel crown of Egypt when we visited this building. Such a lovely pool!

9. Luxurious swimming pools songjiang china quarry

This also will be the luxury place to swim and soak up. A waterworld swimming pool completed with its hotel will soon be established in a quarry in Songjiang, China. The hotel will be built with luxurious underwater room. Besides, there will be a huge waterfall, extreme sports facilities, recreation centers and also specialized restaurants and cafes under the sea.

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